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Free, or Mostly Free, 3D Image Files.
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 Already have your own Robo R2 or Robo C2 3D printer? Or thinking of getting that new Davinci 3D  printer? Perhaps you’re considering using one of the hundreds of free 3D printers at your local public library and need the filament to do the job. In any case, one thing is for sure: you need a 3D design to print.The 3D printing market is relatively new. Despite that, thousands of designers and tinkerers from around the world have uploaded their designs to the internet. Many are free, available on open-source digital design websites. Instead of looking all over for the best sites, we’ve done the work for you. Below is a comprehensive listing of the best websites for free and paid 3D designs.

There are many reasons to print in 3D, from fun and creative to useful and practical. When you find your project, come back to Print More Spend Less for the best deals on the filament you need to complete your project (as an aside, if you’re not sure which filament to use check this handy guide).

Importantly, most of the open-source digital design websites and databases offer the STL (.stl) file type, the most common one in use (with this in mind, learn more about different file types by reading this article). Because of this, you can download with confidence knowing that these files can be used on the both the Robo and Davinci printers, both available at Print More Spend Less.

Happy 3D printing!

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Website Logo Website Description Price Category Files Available
3Dkitbash 3DKITBASH 3D Digital Toys. 3DKitbash develops premium 3D-printable 3D models of toys and 3D printer test kits designed to print easily on desktop 3D printers, free of support structures or glue. Purchase digital 3D models online. PAID MARKETPLACE 33
3DShare 3D SHARE  3D share allows users to share their designs, either for free or at the standard rate of 99c. By allowing users to share their files for free we can form a legitimate sharing community of original designs. FREE/PAID MARKETPLACE
3D Shook 3DSHOOK Find something new to print in 3D – for your home, your garden, your pets, your children or that special someone in your life. All designs have been tested and guaranteed to print-perfect! PAID MARKETPLACE 6,000
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3upndown 3DUPNDOWN 3Dupndown allows people around the world to discover, observe, upload, download, and share originally created 3D models. Members can interact, inform, and inspire others across the globe. In short, 3Dupndown acts as a distribution platform for 3D model users, creators, and advertisers. FREE/PAID MARKETPLACE 7,800
3dvia 3DVIA

DVIA provides businesses and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. The Company’s  3D software applications  transform the way products are designed, produced, and supported, enabling businesses to craft delightful customer experiences.

African Fossils AFRICAN FOSSILS This virtual lab showcases a spectacular collection of fossils and artifacts found mostly at Lake Turkana in East Africa. The digital collection of animals, human ancestors, as well as ancient stone tools offers a unique tool for scholars and enthusiasts to explore and interact with the collection online. FREE REPOSITORY
cgscifi CG SCI-FI CG Sci-Fi is an online 3D model store   that both creates and sells digital 3D models for the CG Industry.  The company provides pre-made 3D assets for private and commercial projects. FREE/PAID MARKETPLACE 116
CG Studio CG STUDIO Created for CG people to explore the infinite possibilities of computer graphics. The core concept behind CGStudio is to break down the barriers between CG people for both commercial and personal cg activities. FREE/PAID MARKETPLACE 26,343