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Since January 1st, 2003 – when Print More, Spend Less first opened for business on the world wide web – we made a long standing pledge to our value-minded customers: to provide significant savings on all their (printers and) printing supplies. To ensure these low prices, we offered both brand name products in addition to 100% guaranteed premium compatible versions whenever possible.
This promise still remains the foundation of our business philosophy almost 14 years later.

Last year, we decided to narrow the focus of the product lines we feature on Print More, Spend Less.

Our online database had grown in excess of 4,000 printing products encompassing over 100 major brands . . . and there was no end in sight. Continuing to update and grow those product listings had become daunting. The solution we adopted is a far more practical approach to running the business, and in the end, one that offers our loyal customers even better savings.


We now focus on three primary product lines:

  • P-touch electronic labeling systems, replacement tapes, and accessories
  • 3D printers, scanners, software, consumables and accessories
  • Discounted printing supplies – Groups of Printing Supplies where we can offer you prices lower than Staples and/or Office Depot.


P-touch Labeling is a simple solution that provides better organization and clearer communication in our lives, homes, offices, and work places. Even the public places and institutions we frequent every day benefit from the simple power of labeling. Effective labeling can save time, money, health, energy, and resources. Labeling can even save lives when accurate identification of dangerous equipment, medical supplies, and hazardous materials (to name a few) is critical to preventing accidents and getting a job done quickly and correctly. The sheer variety of better and smarter organizational techniques P-touch provides to users, both at home and at work, makes them integral to guaranteeing your organizational success.

3D Printing is a major player in the new industrial revolution, potentially as significant in the next 20 years as personal computing and cellular technology has been to date. Already used for a variety of tasks from manufacturing complex airplane parts to simple cell phone cases – it is possible that 3D printing will be responsible for preparing food, building homes, or even replacing a kidney in the not too distant future. It’s our prediction that 3D printers will become a common a household appliance, just like your food processor or toaster oven. It will likely be creating spare parts for your vehicle or even new shoes for your children.

If you’re completely unfamiliar with the entire concept of 3D printing, you’re not alone. Print More, Spend Less wants to help by providing free educational links to various articles, videos, demonstrations, seminars, and documentaries that will help you understand what this amazing, and truly game changing technology, holds in store for our future.


Our Discounted Printing Supplies are priced less than Office Depot and Staples. These products are the exact same brand name item sold by the two superstores. On our website, these product listings are “low frill” and bare bones – meaning they don’t feature images, detailed specifications, descriptions, etc. What they do feature is the essential information:


  • Product SKU,
  • Brand name,
  • Product type,
  • Color,
  • Compatible printers,
  • Office Depot’s price,
  • Staple’s price,
  • . . . . and finally the best deal – the PMSL Price.


To see more more detailed information about any product listing, click the links to the Staples and Office Depot prices to go directly to those product pages. See below for an example of what the product listing looks like.







(HP 38A)

HP Toner Black HP Color LaserJet 4200 $192.22 $192.99 $179.99

(HP 644A)

HP Toner Yellow Click to see list. $367.99 $367.99 $349.99


Once you find the right products for your printer, come back to the Print More, Spend Less discount listings and buy that same product for less.


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If you’re serious about saving money on your printing consumables then send us your current invoices for those products, and let us try to beat the prices you’re currently paying.

Our bottom line and goal is at Print More, Spend Less is enabling you to print more, but spend less.