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P-touch TZe Specialty Tapes

Fabric Iron-On Tapes
Fabric Iron-On Tapes
Our navy blue on white fabric iron-on tape is non-laminated and comes in a ¾” width. Fabric Iron-On Labels can be ironed onto virtually any cotton item, and can be laundered or dry-cleaned up to 30 times. Applications range from
Security Tapes
Security Tapes
This tape features a special tell-tale adhesive. If the label is removed, a checkerboard pattern will be left behind and on the tape. In this way, one can easily see when a label has been taken from a piece of property, and prevent the label from being used elsewhere. This tape- available in white only – is used primarily for asset management, such as “Property of” and serial number labels on company equipment.
Acid Free Tapes
Acid Free Tapes
Acid-Free Adhesive* TZe Labeling Tapes are safe for photo-labeling, scrapbooking, and other photo-sensitive durability. materials. These acid-free labels are laminated for added durability.
Print Head Cleaning Tapes
This tape cleans your print head for optimum performance. It is a dry tape, good for 100 cleanings.
Super Narrow Tapes
Create labels using the “super narrow” (3.5mm) black on white non-laminated tape for labeling CD spines.

p-touch TZe tape logo P-Touch TZe Specialty Tapes

Tape Width 9/64″
1/4” (6mm)
3/8” (9mm)
1/2” (12mm)
3/4” (18mm)
1” (24mm)
1.5” (36mm)
Fabric Iron-On Tape
Blue On White         TZe-FA3    
Security Tape
Black On White Tampler-Evident         TZe-SE4    
P-Touch Acid Free Laminated Tapes
Black On Clear       TZe-AF131      
Black On White       TZe-AF231      
Super-Narrow Non-Laminated Tape
Black On White TZe-N201            
Print Head Cleaning Tap
DRY TAPE         TZe-CL4   TZe-CL6

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