Black On Yellow Label Tapep-touch tze tapes
1/2″ (12 mm) Wide, 26.2' Long
Extra Strength Adhesive, Laminated


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This 1/2″ (12 mm) wide, Brother P-touch TZe-S631 Black Print on Yellow Labeling Tape with Extra Strength Adhesive is especially useful for many industrial / commercial situations as well as for home and office labeling projects. P-touch Extra Strength Adhesive Laminated Tapes are a real breakthrough in labeling your most challenging surfaces. The extra strength adhesive makes it ideal for the toughest labeling tasks you face: Uneven and rough-textured surfaces, Surfaces exposed to harsh environments, Slick painted metal and plastic surfaces, And many more!P-touch TZe Industrial Labels are tough and durable.

TZe-S631 Compatibility



Tape Background Color Yellow
Lettering Color Black
Tape Width (inches) 1/2″
Tape Width (millimeters) 12 mm
Tape Length (feet) 26.2′
Tape Length (meters) 8 m
Laminated Yes
Also Known As TZeS631, TZS631, TZ-S631
UPC 12502626350


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